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Friday, April 29, 2011

ANNIVERSARY SALE #1, extended to may 22, 2011

we've decided to extend this anniversary sale to may 22, 2011 in cosideration of all important days we're celebrating next month, labor day (may 1), mother's day (may 8), teachers' day (may 16)...even though every day is actually a special day!

until then, all designer cotton fabrics RM 35 per yard, designer cotton panels RM 33 per panel and designer cotton charm packs RM 35 each.

please email us for further information and queries

take care everyone!

***terms and conditons apply

Friday, April 22, 2011

ANNIVERSARY SALE #1, april 22 - may 3, 2011

it's been a great one whole year for d'amani cottontherapy...we're so grateful

to mark this special day, we're having a sale, starting today until may 3, on the entire designer cotton collections available here, all marked down to RM 35 per yard

please browse through all of them to see if there is something you would like to purchase. please click on the pictures to have a clearer view of the fabrics

do not forget to fill up the order form to make your purchase, or contact us if you have any questions

thank you everyone!

***terms and conditions apply

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SPECIAL! designer cotton: michael miller fabrics ~ sandi henderson

meadowsweet 2 ~
 vintage paisley  (seaside)
 strawberry fields (robinsegg)
 happy butterfly (maize)
 daisy path (robinsegg)
4 fat quarters
RM 40

you may choose to buy just one cut only for RM 10

further information about this collection can be found here

SPECIAL! designer cotton: michael miller fabrics ~ patty young

clover dot 0.5" in diameter each

mezzanine ~ clover dot (pink)
0.5 yards
RM 19 (NP RM 23)

we have another fabric from this collection here, and other pre-cut half-yard/one yard fabrics here

Sunday, April 17, 2011

let's join little-iro-iro's 2nd service giveaway

we're very delighted to learn that little-iro-iro is organizing its sevice giveaway again...decided to join in this time!

we're hoping to get this bag done...it's called "reversible sunday sling"

this is a large bag that we assume anyone would like to have one ;)

this pattern is amy butler's, which we will provide, but we have two fabrics designed by patty young to be used to make this bag

exterior print: 2.5 yards of playdate ~ goldfish (teal)

interior print: 2.0 yards of flora and fauna ~ ta dot (teal)

this combination of fabrics is very nice, can be seen in this bag by patty young

really wish that we're going to get lucky!

anyway, don't forget to submit your entry. you have until april 28, 2011 to do so...good luck everyone!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

designer cotton: anthology fabrics ~ khristian a howell

latest! bryant park ~ oscar poppies (yacht)
4.5 yards
RM 188 (shipping inclusive)

***please click on the pictures for a clearer view of the fabric


designer cotton: art gallery fabrics ~ modern affair collection

new! mango flower blast
4.5 yards
RM 188 (shipping inclusive)

***please click on the pictures to get a clearer view of the fabric