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Sunday, June 26, 2011

a collaboration with the creative cocoon

not really sure if you're aware that we're one of the winners for little-iro-iro's 2nd service giveaway taken place last april...

the bag arrived last thursday, june 23, 2011, and really impressed with how it turns out...made with such care, highly satisfied with the workmanship!

if you would like to own of one this handmade bags, please get in touch with the creative cocoon, also known as little-iro-iro. more information available at their blogshop and facebook page.

we've also decided to enter into a collaboration with the creative cocoon to encourage more people to appreciate handmade products by subsidizing the designer cotton fabrics used to make them. this offer is only limited to the fabrics purchased from us to be sent directly to the creative cocoon for their workmanship.

minimum order is 0.5 yard for RM23, buy 1 yard of fabric for RM40, and every additional yardage RM36 per yard, shipping inclusive (regardless of the number of yardage)

please do not hesitate to contact us for more information...take care everyone!

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