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Friday, July 22, 2011

GIVEAWAY #2-cum-3rd service giveaway winners!

AC #1 afzaniza hany
ND #1 umi e-ca

AC #2 noen
ND #2 syai siput

AC #3 zulleen
ND #3 raihazi

AC #4 nida
ND #4 azatiesayang

all the fabrics we sent to the creative cocoon have now turned into eight (8) lovely handmade clutches and pouches as seen above. wow! wow! wow!

so, it's time to annouce the eight (8) lucky winners; they are

umi e-ca
afzaniza hany
syai siput

as mentioned previously, the winners will get to choose from the eight (8) items, and the cluthces and pouches will be given to the winners based on a first-in, first-served basis.

all winners are now called to send us your details, by filling up the order form, listing down your preferences of the prizes (the one you like best first, followed by second until the eight choice) in the Fabric Code & Quantity box. please use the codes put under each picture.

congratulations to all winners! we would like to thank everyone who has participated in this giveaway, and also to those who have supported us! take care everyone!


  1. salam...

    Nida dah sent details... terima kasih kerana memilih saya sebagai salah seorang pemenang...

    netry penghargaan dari Nida:

  2. salam & good morning,
    saya dah suubmit form...thanks coz pilih saya antara 8 pemenang.... bersyukur sesgt.. :)

  3. salam.. tq tq.. aduh teruja n meremang bulu roma bila baca result nie.. tq ssoooooooo much..:D

  4. hi..tq2..suka2..dh submit form tu..

  5. Salam..Alhamdllh,atie trpilih diantara pemenang.Maaf lambat respon ngan result nie..br blk bercuti..