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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

designer cotton: art gallery fabrics

assalamualaikum and hi everyone

we've come to the last ready-stock fabrics available here, art gallery fabrics. all of them are designed by just one designer, patricia bravo.
they are using 100% premium cotton, that is light-weight cotton. we, here in malaysia, are more familiar with the texture of the fabric as it is similar to japanese cotton, whereas in the usa, they are more close to quilting-weight cotton.
d'amani cottontherapy carries one or two pieces from 10 out of 26 collections of art gallery fabrics.

by the way, let us tell you again,
if you're interested, purchase these designer cottons at

RM 168 for 4 yards
RM 178 for 4.25 yards
RM 188 for 4.5 yards
RM 198 for 4.75 yards
RM 208 for 5 yards
(unless we specify otherwise)

shipping cost, based on your choice of shipping mode and weight of the fabrics, is RM3 to RM6

for this opening sale, we reduce the price from RM 46 to RM 42 per yard. since they're all ready-stock, we're selling them as one-piece for all items

kindly fill up the order form at the bottom for in order for us to process your order

thank you ;)

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