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Monday, May 17, 2010

the opening sale will end this friday, may 21, 2010

assalamualaikum and hi everyone
our opening sale will end soon...we would encourage everyone interested to go through our various collections of designer cotton fabrics, as well as japanese and italian cotton fabrics, and make your selections soonest possible
please do not hesitate to contact us at damanicottontherapy@gmail.com should you have any questions about the fabrics, pricing, shipping and so forth
in order for us to process your order, please fill up the order form at the bottom
the pricing for japanese and italian cotton fabrics as per stated for each piece, whereas the pricing for the designer cotton fabrics (unless specified otherwise) as follows:
RM 168 for 4.00 yards (normal price RM 184)
RM 178 for 4.25 yards (normal price RM 195)
RM 188 for 4.50 yards (normal price RM 207)
RM 198 for 4.75 yards (normal price RM 218)
RM 208 for 5.00 yards (normal price RM 230)
in addition, we also have half-yard (RM 22) and one-yard (RM 44) pieces if you would like the fabrics in smaller quantities
designer cotton fabrics add variety to your wardrobe and surroundings, increase your creativity and appreciation of life...and hopefully reduce your stress as well!
take care
~d'amani cottontherapy

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