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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

designer cotton: windham fabrics ~ sheryl rae marquez

have you ever played and owned a paper doll?
we have something for paper doll enthusiasts, paper dolls and their clothes on fabrics. use your creativity and explore with your little (may be not so little...) princesses in your family...
we are also grateful that we've been blessed with the arrival of our little princess on june 2, 2010...
paper dolls ~ dolls
paper dolls ~ clothes
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paper dolls ~ clothes
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the paper dolls collection by sheryl rae marquez comes in 2 designs, the dolls and the clothes.
the dolls are approximately 7-8 inches , whereas the clothes are roughly 3 inches in sizes.

since this collection is special, and was sourced at a slightly higher price, we're selling these as a package of 1 yard of dolls and 1 yard of clothes for the price of RM100 (plus shipping)

if you're interested to own these paper dolls, please fill up the order at the bottom, or contact us at damanicottontherapy@gmail.com if you have any questions about these fabrics