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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GIVEAWAY #3 winners

we're really glad that each and everyone of the participants has a place she calls "home", and is still celebrating such an imporant ocassion in a meaningful way :)

since we're organizing this giveaway with qurban spirit in mind, we would like to give this ro gregg's sweet cakes panel to all the participants. we may not be able to do it like this again in the future, but we would really like to share these with all of you this time :)

however, we're a bit hesitating because not all participants fulfilled the requirements. we'd already stated that in order for you to participate you have to "follow us, become our friends and like us to partcipate :)" 

we would still like to give all the participants the chance to get these panels. all that you have to do is to fill up the order form at the bottom of this website with all your details (for shipping purposes) as well as your IDs that you use for all three (if you've just decided to do that before filling up the form, not to worry, it's still acceptable!)

just to let you know beforehand, we're sending these panels by posdaftar...guess you know why.

we would like to once again thank all the followers/friends/fans for all your support. hope we could do it again soon!

take care...


  1. Salam..

    Menurut ayat di atas "we would like to give this ro gregg's sweet cakes panel to all the participants." maknanya semua peserta akan dapat cenderahati ye.

    Kak Nida sudah hantar maklumat yang diperlukan di borang yang disediakan..

    TQVM :)

  2. w'salam

    betul! semua yang memenuhi syarat :)

    terima kasih atas sokongan ;)

  3. wow!!!you sangat bermurah hati..semoga Allah limpahkan berganda2 rezki tuk u and your family..tq

  4. salam sis..tq so much!
    ifa dh send details ifa ye sis..
    sori lmbt sis..ifa jrg2 dpt on9 dh nie..huhu

    btw..all da best!
    moga murah rezeki sis..amin2..

  5. ade jual ke apron tu? sy berminat la...nk tau hrga

  6. Felt Ville, please email us at damanicottontherapy@gmail.com for more info, thank you