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Saturday, July 7, 2012


assalamualaikum and hi everyone

time surely flies! the last time we organized the giveaway was  around aidil adha last year. this time, we're in the midst of preparing ourselves for ramadhan 1433

since we're surrounded by fabrics, this latest panel, girls in bloom panel in multi, seems, somehow, quite relevant...

all you have to do to participate is to go to our "GIVEAWAY #4" album, like and share (on your own timeline or your own page) the panel of your choice, and comment on the statement on the skirt (in the picture below), "what do you do to care for yourself?",  just name one!

if you don't have a facebook account, you could post an entry on your blog, and let us know the link to your post below.

we had had in the past experiencing a bit of a problem with this condition, so decided to change "and" to "and/or" for this giveaway; therefore, this is only open to our followers, (and/or) friends and/or fans. follow us, (and/or) become our friends and/or like us to partcipate :)

you have until july 17 to do so...take care everyone!

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